This web site provides your CHDS study results. It shows:

  • The levels of chemicals found in your blood.
  • How your levels compare with other people.
  • Where these chemicals come from.
  • How they can affect health.
  • How you can reduce levels of these chemicals in your body, your home, and your community.

Start Here


About 50 years ago, over 15,000 families in the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan joined the Child Health and Development Studies to help scientists discover how disease starts. Read more

Chemicals in the study

Your blood samples were tested for chemicals used in pesticides, flame retardants, old electrical equipment, and nonstick, stain-resistant, and waterproof surfaces. Read more

This website

This website includes the results for the environmental chemicals we measured in your blood sample. By clicking through the pages of the website, you can learn more about where these chemicals come from, their links to health, and how to reduce exposures in your home and community. Read more